The Simple Software Solutions team have raised an improvement proposal which will make $SSS a deflationary and scarce asset along with its current low inflation tokenomics by introducing a higher coin burn rate.

The proposal is to allocate 50,000 SSS from the premine into 20 SSS Nodes (Validators) adding to the Total Value Locked in Validators.

The purpose for SSS IP01, is to provide further network scalability along with 100% of the rewards being burnt. …

We are pleased to announce the launch of the wSSS token on Uniswap on the 22nd January 2021 12:00pm UTC

We thank you all who participated in the Liquidity Generation Event. Without the community, the development of sBridge alongside the launch on Uniswap would not be possible.

We will be adding liquidity to the WSSS:USDT pool, so you will need hold USDT in your wallets when interacting with Uniswap.

Although WSSS didn’t reach the softcap amount we had an internal review and due to the expediential growth of Ethereum we have the ability to develop sBridge alongside launch the token…

Token Liquidity Generation Event — WSSS — sBridge

Simple Software Solutions is thrilled to announce the official date of the WSSS token ‘Liquidity Generation Event’ 01st December 2020 10:00am UTC. The proceeds from this Event will be used for the initial liquidity on Uniswap along with project development funds. SSS has joined the ‘Wrapped’ token application platform and will use WSSS as its token name. This development brings much needed interoperability. A cross-chain bridge named sBridge will be built so SSS holders will be able to lock SSS into the cross-chain protocol and claim WSSS. By doing so, users will…

A New Dawn for SSS as it Enters Decentralized Finance

NEW YORK, USA, November 16, 2020 / — SSS premiers its latest product offer WSSS aimed at disrupting the Ethereum and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem. Since its formal introduction, Ethereum has been the biggest contributor and disruptor of the DeFi ecosystem, and that has been made possible due to the smart contract feature.

Ethereum is a global decentralized blockchain featuring smart contracts. The smart contracts give Ether the associated crypto its value. Now with the advancement of the Ethereum ecosystem and more specifically programming of applications, blockchains have been adopted…

Simple Software Solution launches its sDrive Nimbus testnet

Simple Software Solution announces its latest phase 0 launch of Nimbus the testnet of sDrive adding its capacity of storage as it strives to provide cloud computing and storage using the blockchain-as-a-service model. The upgrade to the sDrive is the Nimbus testnet.

sDrive is a decentralized software service that is developed on a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. The setup allows SSS node runners to leverage the cloud network storage establishing an SSS Storage Node for improvement.

Nimbus is the SSS Storage test network for sDrive which will assist in testing the network.


Blockchain is a recent technology that has been adopted widely and wildly. Growth in its application is in storage. The concept of blockchain in storage is the decentralization of storage — where storage happens in different computers that in most cases are in different locations. One company, Simple Software Solutions stands out in this technology of cloud computing with its product Simple Drive (sDrive).

What is sDrive?

sDrive is a decentralized storage network built on Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain allowing SSS Node runners to leverage and participate in the storage network setting up a SSS Storage Node. …

Simple Software Solutions latest upgrade features a powerful 2.0 update with chain scaling

SSS as a technology company offering cloud solutions has upgraded their blockchain system to the latest technologies. This new development is aimed at promoting efficiencies in scaling and improving rewards to users of the cloud solutions and owners of SSS, the associated crypto coin.

As a technology company, SSS was founded to provide new, secure, private, and reliable cloud storage services. It is in this realization inclusive of its vision and mission that SSS is pushed by advancement in technology to use decentralized technology, the latest trend…

Simple Software Solutions is offering a decentralized cloud storage service through their proprietary cryptocurrency.

NEW YORK, USA, August 15, 2020 / — Simple Software Solutions has announced a service ecosystem that focuses on removing the barrier between the cryptocurrency world and end users. These services seek to ensure wide adoption by providing valuable blockchain-related solutions and services that can be easily utilized by ordinary consumers and investors. SSSolutions explores the potentials of blockchain technology which are security, scalability, decentralization, and interoperability.

The service seeks to solve the problems associated with centralized cloud storage.. The probability of data manipulation, loss…

The SSS 2.0 — Cold Staking & Simple Drive

Blockchain technology has come a long way. New use cases that make life much easier for everyone are being found every day. One area that humanity could benefit from the use of blockchain technology is the cloud-computing sector. SSS (Simple Software Solutions) is working on incorporating the blockchain in the sector. The aim is to ensure that people can enjoy the safety and security offered by the blockchain while still also enjoying the benefits of cloud storage.

Wallet Cold Staking Upgrades

Cold staking is a process user is rewarded for holding coins within their wallet for a long time. …

Simple Software Solutions

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