Simple Software Solution’s sDrive Blockchain Platform as a Service Delivers Unmatched Data Security and Privacy

Blockchain is a recent technology that has been adopted widely and wildly. Growth in its application is in storage. The concept of blockchain in storage is the decentralization of storage — where storage happens in different computers that in most cases are in different locations. One company, Simple Software Solutions stands out in this technology of cloud computing with its product Simple Drive (sDrive).

What is sDrive?

sDrive is a decentralized storage network built on Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain allowing SSS Node runners to leverage and participate in the storage network setting up a SSS Storage Node. It aims to revolutionize cloud storage technology.

sDrive will use familiar and friendly apps like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive making it a seamless migration away from centralized providers. Therefore, a user will enjoy the benefits of the decentralized storage with minimal struggle.

Anyone can provide their un-used server storage to the network as long as they meet the minimum requirements alongside holding the 2500 SSS Coins as collateral. SSS Storage Nodes will be incentivized and relevant amounts of SSS Coins will be distributed by the network on a monthly basis.

Data is securely encrypted in a decentralized and distributed manner. This means if one node goes down, your data is still safe and intact. Data is secured using hyperledger fabric chain codes otherwise known as Smart Contracts and Private Keys.

sDrive will depend on three regions, Europe, USA, and Asia, where all servers will be clustered and pooled into. Whichever region the end-user wishes their data to be stored on, their data will be distributed amongst nodes within that region with HA (High Availability).


To work and deliver sDrive is founded as a decentralized storage network built on a hyperledger fabric blockchain for privacy and security of data. The setup then ensures the storage network to be a fault-tolerant system, transparent and secure, and scalable to serve an increasing number of users.

For a user, sDrive is a platform with a dashboard.

The sDrive’s dashboard lists folders like Music, Images, Videos, Document, and Custom Folders. The arrangement gives users the freedom to organize their files. The dashboard has an overview page that categorizes the files and folders and describes how each folder uses the allocated storage space. In addition, there is the user profile management that has additional options and settings for users to alter and customize their profiles.

The dashboard features file management tools like selection, deletion, copy and paste. It also features desktop sync and mobile sync apps. A file sharing option is also available which users can explore when they need to share files between them.

As a decentralized service product, sDrive goes ahead to list the cluster server locations with their associated storage size allocations. Thus, users can know which servers are used and where they are located.

Uses/Application and Benefits

In this age data breaches are common. To avoid such breaches sDrive integrates blockchain to its storage networks to deliver security and privacy to its users. Considering there is growth in regulation and concern over data security, sDrive is relevant to both small and big data holders and managers. Large enterprises can store their data in full confidence that there will be safe since most are corporate institutions depending on the data for their competitive edge.

Cumulatively, sDrive as a subset service of cloud computing proffers the following benefits:

  1. Cost

There is a huge reduction of initial high setup costs required to buy hardware, software, and run the data center in terms of IT experts who troubleshoot and manage the infrastructure. sDrive is already a platform with established hardware and software to manage and store data. So, users will only incur the service cost.

2. Speed

Speed for vast data is increased by the network of storage centers which have generally more processing power as compared to centralized ones. Moreover, with few clicks users experience the flexibility in accessing their data.

3. Security

sDrive implements hyperledger fabric blockchain. The technology is modular to split transaction processing into three steps: distributed logic processing and agreement (chaincode), transaction ordering, and transaction validation and commitment. Besides, there are encryptions that guarantee the privacy and security of data stored. In essence, data is protected from threats.

4. Performance

There is a continuous development of sDrive. Hence, new upgrades feature more additions to guarantee the storage networks are fast and efficient by reducing server latency.

5. Productivity

The ease of use of sDrive eliminates additional staff like IT experts who then can be applied elsewhere to achieve business goals. Even more, an ordinary user does not need expert knowledge to use sDrive as it is similar in user experience with the common storage platforms like Google Drive.

6. Reliability

sDrive provides file management tools like copy, paste, selection, and deletion. Besides, there are advanced tools like data backup and recovery as data is mirrored in several servers to ensure if one server is down, files can still be accessed on-demand.


Technology has advanced more so in the data storage and the wake of the data security debate. With this insight, Simple Solutions has developed a blockchain-based platform service to offer data storage. This is aimed at delivering the benefits of blockchain on data storage like security through encryption.

As a user, you will be able to use the platform as it is user friendly and manage and store your files in a safe environment where your data is protected from external threats and hacks.

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