SSS Is Now Listed On The Vidulum Apps

SSS Listing

We are proud to announce SSS is now listed on the Vidulum App

Easily, store send and receive SSS using the Vidulum Web Interface or Mobile App for both Android. As a non-custodial service only SSS holders have access to the private keys.

What is Vidulum

The Vidulum App is carrying blockchain and cryptocurrency technology into the future, and making it easier to use along the way. Our web-based platform offers:

A cryptocurrency wallet that supports more than one coin. Store all of your favorite coins in one place.

User requested tools, features, and project listings via our “Fundraising” service — adding to an ever-growing platform.

Accessible from any Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android/IOS Internet-connected device.

No installation necessary — everything happens client-side in your browser.

Rock solid security, extremely intuitive, fast, and easy to use for anyone!

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