We are Re-branding Simple Software Solutions! Hello Rubus!

The Important Question, Why?
We believe a rebranding and move away from Simple Software Solutions is the best way to continue delivering and moving forward. This matches our goals and our recent success with the launch of the Testnet “Nimbus”

New branding will make the project realize it’s vision in being a powerhouse in Blockchain Web3 Decentralized Tech. Decentralized Apps are making huge progress in the current blockchain environment with various Blockchains being the platform to build on for eg, Ethereum, Polkadot, Near Protocol and Binance Smart Chain. We are currently building our own platform with our Storage Network being a key component to Interoperability and cross-chain interaction within DeFi.

After the rebranding our products sDrive and sBridge will be known as RDrive and RBridge respectively.

Zero Impact to SSS and wSSS!
The re-brand has no impact to current SSS and WSSS holders or to those running validators and staking. 😎 However we’re planning a coin swap and more details will be published after community discussion and agreement on swap ratio.

The ETA for the coin swap will coincide after Ethereum’s London Hardfork upgrade on July 14th 2021.

Incentivized Software As A Service!
The key to a healthy and driven ecosystem is to incentivize it’s participants. This is our unique nieche and the foundation to our Web3 Dapps with the underlying asset being distributed across Validators, Stakers, Storage Node Providers and Liquidity Providers.

Note: Rebranding Has already started — We are almost ready for the switchover!

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